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M.S. Students

Juntae Park.jpg

Juntae Park (박준태)

B.S. in Electrical Engineering | CV

With the growing threat of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, we need antimicrobial peptides with more novel and desired properties. Antimicrobial peptides(AMPs) are small peptides of 10-50 amino acids that kill bacteria by inhibiting their activity or penetrating cell membranes. However, producing and identifying AMPs is time consuming and expensive. Therefore, I am interested in using deep learning to generate AMPs with desired properties.

Martin Schmuhalek.jpg

Martin Schmuhalek

B.S. in Information Systems | CV


Yewon Shin(신예원)

M.S. in Information Convergence Engineering | CV


Seokhun Yeon(연석훈)

B.S. in Biochemistry | CV

윤다솜 사진.png

Dasom Yoon (윤다솜)

B.S. in Chemistry | CV

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