M.S. Students

Dongok Nam (남동옥)

B.S. in Genetic Engineering

Cytochrome P450 inhibition prediction

Human cytochrome P450 enzyme (CYP450) is included in drug metabolism. Since inhibition of CYP450 may lead to changed metabolic pathways of drug substrates and adverse drug-drug interaction, it plays an important role in drug discovery. I’m studying the prediction of inhibitors of CYP450 via deep learning model.

Haelee Bae (배해리)

B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering

Hit identification via deep learning

Identification of hit is important in drug discovery. Because there are many compounds and proteins, It takes much time and cost to find hit identification with experiment. Computation method can help to discover whether the compound and protein have interaction or not. I am interested in applying deep learning based data driven features to hit identification.

Minsu Park (박민수)

B.S. in Chemistry

Compound Membrane permeability prediction

I’m interested in predicting permeability of drugs through the biological membranes. Drugs need to pass biological membranes to reach their target, permeability prediction is important  for the drug efficacy. Membrane permeation is highly associated with molecular solvation property, I am studying about solvation property prediction with deep learning methods.

Hyungseok Chun (천형석)

B.S. in Electronics and Information Engineering

Seungwoo Baek (백승우)

B.S. in Internet of Things